Underwater Dugong Scene
Carly glover underwater env 01
Carly glover dugong01 beauty
Carly glover dugong01 greywireframe
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Underwater Conservation Scene

Underwater Dugong Scene

This is my underwater scene, featured in the UAE 46th National Day Celebrations in Abu Dhabi. I was responsible for all modelling, texturing, lighting and rendering, with the exception of the background rocks and mangrove trees.

The Dugong asset had a base mesh, my objective was to upres the asset for rendering. I cleaned up UVs and sculpted a high res mesh in ZBrush which would be used as a displacement at render. From there I took the mesh into Substance painter to work on the diffuse, roughness and normal maps.

Modelled in Maya & Zbrush
Textured in Substance Painter
Rendered with Redshift

Studio: Artists In Motion

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